Since 1937, Parker Tree Service has provided unrivaled, fast and dependable tree removal and maintenance service to residential and commercial customers in Lewisville, TX.

Lewisville offers lakeside living, quality schools, and a large variety of retail shops and dining options. Lewisville Lake is a 29,000-acre reservoir known as the “Urban Bass Fishing Capital of Texas.” Fishing, swimming, water-skiing, jet-skiing, sailing, sailboarding, camping, biking, and picnicking make the lake a popular destination year-round. Lewisville Lake Park is a 622-acre park on the lake’s south shore with picnic areas, swimming beaches and boat ramps. The Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area is a 2,000-acre area used for hiking, camping, fishing, canoeing or kayaking. Special weekend activities are offered year-round. With 233 miles of shoreline and 9,000 natural acres, Lewisville Lake provides residents with many options for recreation.

Lewisville also offers many opportunities to enjoy the arts, shop, or have a great meal. Medical City Lewisville Grand Theater is located in Old Town Lewisville and is a wonderful venue to see a Broadway-style musical, concerts, or an art exhibit. During the summer, residents are treated to free outdoor concerts during the Sounds of Lewisville series. Plays can also be enjoyed at the Greater Lewisville Community Theatre. Residents can find great shopping at Music City Mall, which includes department and national retail stores as well as unique specialty shops, a 15-screen movie theater, and a food court. Lewisville also has over 200 restaurants for residents to enjoy.

Parker Tree Services can handle anything from tree trimming to clearing away dead brush to emergency situations like removal of a downed oak tree after a bad storm. Tree removal also becomes necessary when a tree is diseased, dead, or dying, which not only causes an eyesore but may also pose a safety risk. Tree removal may also be needed when landscaping or new construction plans dictate removal or replacement.

It’s important to use a licensed Tree Service company with trained and experienced staff. “Dangerous tree removals” or “tight-spot removals”, where power lines, businesses, homes, or other structures are close by, increase the importance of using an experienced tree removal company. We use a combination of methods and devices, from boom trucks (cherry-pickers) to cabling and rigging, to ensure the safest and most efficient, economical removal for each client.

We always clean up each job site in Allen like it was our own home – often we hear “this is cleaner than when you started!” Afterward, we can remove the wood completely or cut up branches into firewood or larger-sized pieces and stack it for you for your personal use.

There’s some overlap, but basically trimming (or thinning) refers to removal of excess branches and deadwood, pruning (or fine-pruning) goes further with selective cutting, shaping, and guiding the tree how to grow, and reduction is often the term used when shortening a tree. Trimming and thinning is an important and often-overlooked necessity in landscape maintenance. Thinning removes unwanted excess branch growth, deadwood, and debris – removing a favored breeding ground for boring beetles and insects that damage and kill trees. Pruning back overgrowth lightens the load on over-burdened branches and reduces windsail, greatly improving the tree’s safety risk, while leaving valuable shade. Pruning and thinning tree maintenance prolongs a tree’s lifespan too, since we’re shaping the tree in ways that allow new and future growth to occur in the right places and in proper directions, improving the capacity for greater natural growth.

Periodic tree maintenance via pruning, trimming, and thinning is important for appearance and safety because it helps sculpt or train the tree to grow in an attractive way. Left to its own, a tree will often grow to be strangely shaped and in unmanageable directions. As the un-managed and overweight tree grows larger and heavier each year, it can actually kill itself by essentially splitting in half (often in a heavy wind), destroying the cambrium and its ability to grow.

Stump removal is accomplished via a high power stump grinder, which penetrates deep, chipping and pulverizing the stump and root system, resulting in a safe and helpful mulch layer approximately 8 in. below the landscape surface. Deep Root Feeding (aka Deep Root Fertilizing) adds important nutrients to the soil by injecting fertilizers, insecticides and other soil enhancers directly into the tree’s root zone.

Quality tree services offer more than visual appeal, convenience, and safety. Proper maintenance can also enhance property values up to 25% (especially mature trees). Trees act as wind breaks and sunscreens, letting you live more comfortably and reducing winter heating and summer cooling bills. Trees provide oxygen and reduce air pollution. They also reduce noise pollution as natural sound barriers. Parker Tree Service can help you take proper care of your trees.