Parker Tree Service is well-equipped to address emergency or time-sensitive tree removal situations. We employ certified and insured arborists and experienced tree care professionals. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we use the safest practices in the industry in order to protect your property.

Tree Removal Emergencies

Removal of a tree that has fallen on your home, car, power lines, etc. cannot be delayed. If a strong storm system has uprooted a tree on your property or left it in danger of falling, call Parker Tree Service. Other emergency situations could include:

  • a fallen tree that is blocking access to your property
  • a cracked/splitting tree that is in danger of falling
  • a storm-damaged tree with branches at risk of falling

Emergency tree removal needs may not always be due to safety concerns, but are still time-sensitive situations:

  • A tree, limb, or stump is affecting your construction schedule
  • Your home is on the market, but a dead/dying tree or ugly stump is delaying your property's open house scheduling
  • A dead/dying tree or ugly stump is hindering your property's sale or closing
  • Your insurance company requires that you take care of a tree problem immediately
  • Your city ordinances require that a fallen tree be removed immediately

Emergency tree removal needed for a fallen tree with broken roots

If you are dealing with a time-sensitive situation, Parker Tree Service will respond to your emergency promptly with our dependable service. Our goal is to perform service within 24 hours of your call. During busy times, such as after a wind storm, our service times may be up to 48 or 72 hours. For catastrophes or dangerous removals, when timing is critical, we can rearrange schedules and respond immediately.