Since 1937, Parker Tree Service has provided unrivaled, fast and dependable tree removal and maintenance service to residential and commercial customers in The Colony, TX.

The Colony is known as the “City by the Lake.” With stunning views of Lewisville Lake, The Colony extends 23 miles along its eastern shoreline. Residents enjoy a variety of outdoor recreation opportunities including camping, fishing, swimming, boating, hiking, picnicking and cycling. Hidden Cove Park includes a full-service marina featuring slips, equipment rentals, and a ship store. The great game of golf can be played at area golf clubs such as The Tribute, Stewart Peninsula and The Old American. The Colony Five Star, a state-of-the-art athletic complex, offers five baseball fields, six soccer fields, two football fields, and two softball fields. Soccer can also be enjoyed at the Blue Sky Sports Center, a 43,000 square foot indoor soccer facility. The Colony also features 28 parks with over 3,000 acres.


The Colony is not only an outdoor lovers’ paradise, but a shopping mecca. Grandscape is home to Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas, the 1.8 million square-foot home furnishings store and distribution center. This 433 acre, multi-phase development already boasts multiple dining and entertainment options, but will eventually include additional entertainment venues, retail stores, tourism attractions, recreation areas, convention center hotel and spa, outdoor amphitheater and a variety of unique restaurants. The Colony II shopping center offers various dining options, salons, and retailers including Walmart Supercenter and Cato Fashions as well as Starbucks Coffee. Austin Square, just off Windhaven Parkway and Saintsbury Drive, is a popular area for strolling and biking during the day. Nighttime transforms the area into a social hub of eateries, bars, and pubs.


It’s important to use a licensed Tree Service company with trained and experienced staff. “Dangerous tree removals” or “tight-spot removals”, where power lines, businesses, homes, or other structures are close by, increase the importance of using an experienced tree removal company. We use a combination of methods and devices, from boom trucks (cherry-pickers) to cabling and rigging, to ensure the safest and most efficient, economical removal for each client.


We always clean up each job site in Allen like it was our own home – often we hear “this is cleaner than when you started!” Afterward, we can remove the wood completely or cut up branches into firewood or larger-sized pieces and stack it for you for your personal use.

There’s some overlap, but basically trimming (or thinning) refers to removal of excess branches and deadwood, pruning (or fine-pruning) goes further with selective cutting, shaping, and guiding the tree how to grow, and reduction is often the term used when shortening a tree. Trimming and thinning is an important and often-overlooked necessity in landscape maintenance. Thinning removes unwanted excess branch growth, deadwood, and debris – removing a favored breeding ground for boring beetles and insects that damage and kill trees. Pruning back overgrowth lightens the load on over-burdened branches and reduces windsail, greatly improving the tree’s safety risk, while leaving valuable shade. Pruning and thinning tree maintenance prolongs a tree’s lifespan too, since we’re shaping the tree in ways that allow new and future growth to occur in the right places and in proper directions, improving the capacity for greater natural growth.

Periodic tree maintenance via pruning, trimming, and thinning is important for appearance and safety because it helps sculpt or train the tree to grow in an attractive way. Left to its own, a tree will often grow to be strangely shaped and in unmanageable directions. As the un-managed and overweight tree grows larger and heavier each year, it can actually kill itself by essentially splitting in half (often in a heavy wind), destroying the cambrium and its ability to grow.

Stump removal is accomplished via a high power stump grinder, which penetrates deep, chipping and pulverizing the stump and root system, resulting in a safe and helpful mulch layer approximately 8 in. below the landscape surface. Deep Root Feeding (aka Deep Root Fertilizing) adds important nutrients to the soil by injecting fertilizers, insecticides and other soil enhancers directly into the tree’s root zone.

Quality tree services offer more than visual appeal, convenience, and safety. Proper maintenance can also enhance property values up to 25% (especially mature trees). Trees act as wind breaks and sunscreens, letting you live more comfortably and reducing winter heating and summer cooling bills. Trees provide oxygen and reduce air pollution. They also reduce noise pollution as natural sound barriers. Parker Tree Service can help you take proper care of your trees.