Deep Root Fertilization

What is Deep Root Feeding and why do I need it?

Deep Root Feeding (aka Deep Root Fertilizing) adds important nutrients to the soil by injecting fertilizers, insecticides and other soil enhancers directly into the tree’s root zone. In a forest, these nutrients (nitrogen, phosphate, potash, copper, iron, manganese, and/or zinc) are replenished by decaying organic matter in the form of fallen limbs, leaves and needles. In a landscaped area, trees are typically surrounded with concrete, ground cover or grass thereby limiting the nutrient supply.

Parker Tree Service has been providing regular deep root fertilization services to our Plano, TX and DFW clients since we started. It is an important part of healthy, vibrant tree.

Removing all organic matter from our lawns further restricts nature’s supply of nutrients.
Topical fertilizers which are easily applied typically become consumed by the grass preventing nutrients from reaching your tree’s roots. Alternatively, Deep Root Feeding injects water and nutrients into the soil, directly into your tree’s root zone. Additionally, Deep Root Feeding is more efficient than surface watering by providing water and food to only the tree instead of also watering ground cover.  It is also environmentally friendly because it reduces erosion, evaporation and fertilizer runoff.
A further advantage of Deep Root Feeding is that it breaks up compacted soils allowing air, water and nutrients to get to the tree’s roots, encouraging roots to go deeper into the ground. Also, in turf areas or in confined spaces Deep Root Feeding can encourage downward growth directing roots growth away from driveways or sidewalks..

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