What is an arborist? In a nutshell, an arborist is a tree specialist. They are knowledgeable and experienced in the needs and proper care of trees and shrubs. This proficiency is acquired via formal education or hands-on experience. Arborists can obtain certification by passing a comprehensive examination offered by the International Society of Aboriculture.
North Texas has many beautiful, native and non-native tree species. By planting and caring for trees, you help improve the environment and reduce pollution. They also enhance the look of your community while adding value to your own property. Because trees can add significant value to a property, caring for them properly is an investment in your property’s future. Removing dead or diseased trees from your landscaping can be dangerous and expensive, so supplying your trees with good care now is a smart move. It benefits not only the appearance of your home and land, but also your bottom line.
Parker Tree Service employs a number of certified and insured arborists and each undergoes continuous training. Our arborists can help you care for the trees on your Texas property. Our staff is happy to help you determine what type of pruning is necessary to maintain or improve the health of your trees. We can also help advise you regarding preventative maintenance to keep your tree strong, healthy, and able to defend itself against insects and disease.
Considering planting a new tree in your landscaping? Our arborists are knowledgeable about native and non-native species of trees in North Texas. Our staff understands what types of trees may be best-suited to your specific location and are happy to make recommendations.
If necessary, our arborists can determine if a tree may need to be removed from your property. Our staff can arrange and oversee the removal of dead or damaged trees, sick or diseased trees, or trees that have become dangerous or pose a threat to your home, foundation, or other structures nearby. Whether it is single tree removal or the clearing of multiple trees, Parker Tree’s certified arborists are able to serve you.

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