Dallas Tree Pruning and Maintenance Removals

“If you don’t like the weather in Dallas … just wait a minute.” Dallas is just one of those places. And that means, among other things, occasional wind and storms.

Along with the wind, snow, and sometimes even ice, comes the damage caused from (and to) our beautiful oaks, magnolias, and evergreens. Chalk it up to the cost of living here. A certain amount of tree damage is unavoidable, but with proper maintenance and pruning much of the damage can be minimized or avoided altogether.

Since the Dallas region is prone to erratic storm conditions, especially during our high-wind sometimes-devastating spring storms, Parker Tree Service advises business and home owners to protect their property value by keeping tree overcrowding to a minimum, whether that means tree removal or maintenance thinning and pruning of our Dallas-area trees.

For annual maintenance pruning, visualize what you want the full-grown tree to look like, and prune accordingly. Tree branch structure is most secure when young trees are trained toward one leader (a central, dominant trunk). But without early maintenance co-dominant stems/leaders can form, causing included bark at the juncture — this is where breakage usually occurs during a wind storm. Especially during the younger years, saplings need to be cut and “trained” to grow and spread out properly. However, for bigger jobs safety becomes a factor. Don’t risk falling out of a tree or electrocution, when our experts can handle the job quickly and affordably.

Live Oaks, Red Oaks, and other evergreens add much to our beautiful Dallas landscapes. For the sake of their beauty, and your property value, let us give you a free safety consultation for the trees on your property. Taking the proper preemptive steps to ensure tree safety will protect you from property damage and insurance claims, and help preserve our city’s tree-enriched heritage.

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